Rita Kelati Yohannes wearing IDUN Minerals makeup.



"It has been difficult to find suitable makeup when you have a dark skin tone and a problematic skin type - until I found IDUN Minerals"

Rita Kelati Yohannes is 26 years old, holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and works as a supervisor. Rita has been tackled with her problematic skin type for several years. Rita's problematic skin type along with a dark skin tone has meant that she used makeup for dark skin tone, that is not developed for a problematic skin type, which has aggravated Ritas hypertension. This has meant that Rita avoided makeup in periods.
"I've almost avoided makeup since last winter, I just took a break because I couldn't take it no more. I can not get rashes every time I'm going to wear makeup. So I've let the skin breathe more or less, and just let it be. "
Rita says that on the Swedish market it is difficult to find face products for a dark skin tone.
"In England and the United States there is a greater range of dark skin tones, so it's possible to order from there, but it's not optimal when it comes to foundations since it's so important to get the right shade. Basically, you can order face products only if you already know what shade and brand that suits you. This is the reason why I'm so glad that IDUN Minerals can offer makeup for sensitive skin and for a skin tone like mine. "    
After starting to use face makeup (liquid foundation, powder foundation, concealer and fixing powder) from IDUN Minerals, Ritas does not react further to makeup.
It has been fine and I have not responded to the products. Not as before when I used to get rashes and eczema. The skin is calmer and the makeup goes well on the skin and makes it look natural, something I like. Sometimes I forget that I have makeup on my face because it is not sticky or uncomfortable but feels very light on the skin.
Rita also says that she can recommend IDUN Minerals to her friends.
"I can recommend IDUN Minerals to all my friends and to my sister. Just because everyone has problems with their skin in one way or another but still continues with their makeup products, even though they make it worse for the skin in the absence of other shades. But now there is IDUN Minerals with extended shades for sensitive skin! "


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